Providing more affordable housing choices throughout the City is a top priority of Council. Facilitating basements in houses helps to meet this goal by providing more opportunities for rental secondary suites in single family areas.

At the Public Hearing held on June 16, 2009, Council approved zoning changes to enable full-size basements and more livable basement suites in all single family areas. By-law enactment is scheduled for July 7, 2009. Council also approved a recommendation to monitor the development impacts of the zoning changes and report to the public every six months.

What has been decided

  • Increase total Floor Space Ratio (FSR) from 60% to 70% of the total lot area
  • Maximum above grade floor area is 0.45 FSR
  • The area of any floor should not be more than 25% of lot area
  • The basement is not larger than the first storey
  • For houses where the existing above grade floor area is larger, permit a basement provided that the total floor area is 0.75 FSR or less after the basement is added and the existing above grade floor area is 0.50 FSR or less
  • Basement regulations are added to the zoning as an option. This means that houses can still be built as they are today.
  • Increase the above grade section of the basement from 4 to 6 feet
  • Increase building height in RS-1 by one foot from 30 to 31 feet.

Basement option for EXISTING houses on a 33 foot lot in RS-1


Basement option for NEW houses on a 33 foot lot in RS-1

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